Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First KLB post

On this blog I intend to post some things I have written in Katialian.  Since I seriously doubt you know what Katialian is exactly, I'll define it for you.

What started as something rather pointless and stupid has slowly but surely grown into a linguistic experiment.  The point is to see how much I can screw with Latin, and I have had great success thus far.  Katialian is a constructed language I sometimes work on, far less than I did when I was in high school because I have gotten more involved with my job, my girlfriend, and the Lord.  But I still have free time, and when I'm not watching television, reading a good book, talking politics, or reading my Bible, I might well be found working on my little experiment.

I define Katialian as a Latinate language.  Over time I have infused it with words from other languages, and I would say, after analysis, that the grammar has elements of other Indo-European languages.  The main source of borrowing by far is from South Slavic languages, particularly Croatian, then Romanian, then Greek, then Italian, with elements of Gothic and some Iranian languages.  The grammar is mostly Latin, though it also has other roots, mostly Lithuanian and Croatian (the former mostly since Lithuanian seems pretty close to the old Proto-Indo-European language, and Archaic Latin is definitely somewhat more like both Celtic and Indo-European alike).

In the very near future I will add posts in Katialian so that you may observe how the language looks and functions, and I may link sound so that you may hear it spoken as well.

God bless you.